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Date: July 07, 2012

We have a new website.

Welcome to the new website!

This is Tanner Ghosen, the website owner. As of July 07, 2012, I have moved my service from sites.google.com to www.freehostingking.com.

This website will be updated often throughout the summer.

I thank FreeHostingKing and their staff for allowing me to host this website, with something Google didn't have: script tags, javascript, title tags, and beyond.

Date: July 14, 2012

My computer has died.

As of 7/14/12 morning, it is officially dead. I guess it was prevented from starting up. I know it must be spyware. It might be automated to avoid me from fixing it. Therefore, I might get a new computer. Windows 7. Yay. But, my dead computer, Windows Vista Premium died twice. First was 7 years after purchase, when the hard drive started dying. Near it's death, it took a total of at least 8 start-ups to get it working. We went from a 500 GB hard drive to a 76 GB hard drive, custom made. I'm on a Windows 7 Laptop for now in till I get my new computer. See you guys soon.

-Tanner Ghosen

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